Rag Head Crab Fly

rag-head-crabImage courtesy of The Fly Shop
Rag Head Crab Recipe
Hook: TMC811S
Thread: Fluorescent green single strand nylon floss
Tail: Tan marabou tuft with two ginger hackle tips tied splayed and split
Eyes: Nickel plated steel barbell
Body: Tan Craft Fur shaped with rounded rump
Legs: Three strands of tan Sili Legs, making six legs

This is another good merkin-style crab imitation that makes good use of synthetic tying materials for the body. The heavy barbell lead eyes make this a claws-up pattern when the fly is at rest, offering a great imitation of the natural.  Designed to be fished in typical crab style for permit and a strip and pause style for bonefish.

In 2003, a whopping 51-pound permit was caught off Big Pine Key on a 16-pound tippet while using a Raghead Crab fly. 

Merkin has been generally been the standard permit pattern, and for many guides in diverse areas it remains the pattern of choice, but some fishers are having good luck with the smaller Rag Head Crab.


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